General Data Protection Regulation

Learn about Data Protection Regulation Policy

We abide by values to make no compromise at “Advanced Phone Cleaner”. In order to make it effective, we have oriented everything at “Advanced Phone Cleaner” that includes our firm compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We focus on fulfilling all the compliance requirements of GDPR for EU citizens and legal residents.

Product Data

At “Advanced Phone Cleaner”, we do not gather any kind of personal information without the permission of our Users. We believe to provide an exquisite user experience and for this purpose, we collect some technical and functional data which is essential for the consistent and great performance of the product. For the installer launch, we use the following data by default:

Events which describe a process from start and finish

For instance, we track the number of users that have downloaded and installed the software. This helps us to understand the effectiveness of our installers.

Telemetry data

This information helps us to analyse the use of features by our users and improve software for better.

All the data of “Advanced Phone Cleaner” is strictly anonymous which prevents the personal data to get identified.

Product Support

“Advanced Phone Cleaner” offers various options such as email, feedback etc. to report an issue or a feature. To make an appropriate follow-up on support user email address is necessary.

Premium Content and Product News

To get product update emails or blog emails, users can subscribe to share their email address. All email address’ information is stored safely. We despise spams and never send any unnecessary emails to you. You can opt-out to edit email settings or remove emails from the list.

Additional Data Rights

All legal EU residents or citizens are data subjects under GDPR. All data subjects have certain rights. As an EU citizen or legal resident, the following rights are shared:

  • You can request and access all personal information from any data processor or controller (“Advanced Phone Cleaner” or our payment processors, in this case).
  • You can receive a copy of download of all the personal data in a file within 30 days of the request.
  • You can request partial or complete removal of all the data on file within 30 days of receipt request.

Removal of Personal Details from Our System

For any queries, concerns and questions about the stored information of you or removal or to edit any Personally Identifiable Information, contact us at

Please note that all the requests will be handled within 30 days. Requests for the removal of billing details will require forward to the relevant data processor used for payment processing.*

“Advanced Phone Cleaner” is not liable for GDPR compliance of the third-party data processors, like Google Payment Limited . Any forwarded request by “Advanced Phone Cleaner” doesn’t replace request sent by a data subject (user). We request users for follow-up with data processors in order to assure the status of the request.

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